Vision & Mission


The mission of the Lopit community in the diasporas is to be the role model in seeking knowledge, funding, skills, encourage food security activities, peace, and values that can assist Lopit people and particularly eastern Equatoria communities in reducing illiteracy, give the opportunities to the people of Northeastern Torit county people and to developing future world leaders.

LCNC with partnership with CORDA which is an indigenous development association whose mission is to foster peace, harmony, unity and participatory and people led development that aims at the rehabilitation and sustenance of community based socio economics activities which will lead to sustainable livelihood of the whole human person.

Vision: “It’s about eradicating illiteracy and poverty.” Facilitating and advocating for the satisfaction of the educational, socio-economic, and development needs of the people in Northeastern Torit, as well as of those who are former Torit, Kapeota Counties in Eastern Equatoria. To provide a better and nearer learning facility to the children within the Lopit, Buya and Toposa and Northwestern Othuho Communities.

To promote cultural awareness, social ethics and the Lopit values of the community; to promote the awareness of the Preventive Health Medicines (HIV/AIDS) and women reproductive issues. To advocate for women’s right especially of girl-child education among the Lopit community. LCNC envisions a peaceful, harmonious and self-reliance civil society, reconstituted on the basic of equally protected human rights of all citizens regardless of ethnicity, sex, age religion and stand in the society; a society where all have shared responsibility to sustain the best affordable education, healthcare and quality of life and determine for themselves a better and healthier future.